Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation

We converted to a new ERP system on Jan. 1, 2018, to standardize systems and processes throughout our companies. Our new system will strengthen how we do business together.

Key changes

  • Contract numbers changed in some cases.
  • Invoice submission method changed in some cases.
  • Delivery schedule agreements are required to ensure proper receipt and payment.
  • Purchase orders may be submitted to suppliers via an online portal in some cases.


ERP is an integrated business information management system that supports our supply chain, human resources, finance and other functions. We had two systems for these functions – one at Wisconsin Public Service, Peoples Gas, North Shore Gas, Minnesota Energy Resources and Michigan Gas Utilities, and one at We Energies. The new version of SAP consolidated the two systems, allowing us to operate as a combined organization and to reduce maintenance costs. All suppliers that previously conducted business with any of our companies were migrated to the new system. The centralized invoice process went into effect Jan. 1.


If you have questions about the new ERP system, send us an email.