Quick facts

Highlights of our corporate governance practices are noted below. See WEC Energy Group’s Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement for more information on these governance practices.


  • 12 of 14 Independent directors
  • Annual board elections (Declassified board)
  • Majority voting

Board leadership

  • Combined chair/CEO
  • Independent presiding director
  • Independent directors hold regular executive sessions without management
  • Diverse representation on board

Board and committee practices

  • Annual Board self-evaluation
  • Annual self-evaluation of each committee
  • Annual review of Board independence
  • Independent Audit and Oversight Committee
  • Independent Compensation Committee
  • Independent Finance Committee
  • Independent Corporate Governance Committee
  • Committee charters for Audit and Oversight, Compensation, and Corporate Governance Committees
  • Financial experts on Audit and Oversight Committee
  • Disclosure Committee for financial reporting
  • Risk oversight by full Board
  • Board orientation/education programs
  • Stockholder outreach and engagement program

Performance evaluations

  • Annual evaluation of CEO performance
  • Annual evaluation of Board performance
  • Annual evaluation of committee peformance

Compensation governance and practices

  • Director stockholding requirement
  • Annual equity grant to non-employee Directors
  • Performance based CEO compensation
  • Anti-hedging and anti-pledging policies
  • Clawback policy
  • Prohibition on tax gross-up policy

Guidelines and policies

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines reviewed annually
  • Committee charters reviewed annually
  • Corporate Governance Guidelines approved by the Board
  • Code of ethics
  • Corporate compliance program
  • Corporate Securities Trading Policy