Customer Information Policy training for contractors

Contractors performing work on behalf of WEC Energy Group companies must protect customers’ confidential information.

The Customer Information Policy defines customer information and notes actions that WEC Energy Group companies consider to be strictly prohibited. Confidential company records should be used only for business purposes.

Vendors and contractors who deal with customer information in typical daily operations are required to complete the Customer Information Policy training and certification annually. When you understand and agree to abide by the guidelines of this policy, you affirm your commitment to protect customer information.

Contractors already using customer information are expected to complete training by a predetermined due date. New hires must complete training prior to performing any work on behalf of WEC Energy Group companies. Check with your supervisor if you have questions about the due date.

Training and certification

Read the training material and complete the certification at the end of the course, using instructions provided on the certification form.

Customer Information Policy training course and certification

Supervisor attestation

  • Obtain the certification forms from employees required to take the Customer Information Policy training for contractors.
  • Complete and submit the online supervisor attestation form below.
  • Keep the employee certification forms for future audits.

Supervisor attestation form